Johnny Depp plants three kisses on Jimmy Kimmel

Johnny Depp fans probably dream about the chance to steal a single kiss from the handsome leading man. Jimmy Kimmel managed to get three from the actor Monday night.

After welcoming Depp to the stage on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," the host informed his guest that a line of women was at the studio that morning, waiting for the actor to appear that night. "Relatives," Depp called them.

But Kimmel knows what attracts those fans, and told Depp, "You have this very handsome, let's just be honest and say beautiful face."

As the audience screamed, Depp stood and planted a kiss on Kimmel's cheek. That prompted more screaming, and Depp stood again. This time he turned Kimmel's head and kissed the host on the lips.

"I've lost my train of thought," Kimmel said as he fanned himself with his hand. "I'm done," Depp said, fanning himself with both hands. But he wasn't. The 50-year-old actor rose a final time and delivered a third kiss.

"That's more kissing than I did in all of high school," Kimmel said.

Depp stars as Tonto in "The Lone Ranger," which opens in theaters this weekend. Watch the rest of his interview with Kimmel here and here.

Later in the show, Kimmel introduced actress Rebecca Romijn, and was quick to let her know where his attractions lie. "I'll be honest, given the choice of making out with one of the guests tonight, I would have picked you," he said.

Romijn was suprised that the 13-year-old girl inside of Kimmel wasn't freaking out (over kissing Johnny Depp) like the one inside of her was. "It's all right here if you want some of it," Kimmel told her, pointing to his lips.

Romijn got the host to tell her, too, that she has a beautiful face, and with that, Kimmel received his fourth kiss of the night.

Johnny Depp

Image: Johnny Depp
Chris Jackson

From the Mad Hatter to Cry-Baby, the sexy star prefers oddballs and outsiders to traditional leading men.


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