'Jimmy Kimmel Live' pokes fun at Lululemon yoga pants shortage

Are you one of the millions of women suffering from the Lululemon yoga pants recall?

Jimmy Kimmel feels your pain. On Tuesday, the late-night host premiered a hilarious PSA drawing attention to "the crisis sweeping the nation," aka a possible yoga pants shortage resulting from the recall of hundreds of semi-transparent bottoms

"I know this seems like a joke, but for white people, it isn't a joke," Jimmy quipped. "This is as serious as it gets." 

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Clearly. In the clip, paid for by Save Our Spandex, women resort to wearing cardboard pants, bubble wrap pants, and yogurt pants when their beloved Lululemons become unavailable. 

"With your donation of just $120 a day, you can put one woman in a pair of yoga pants," one woman says. 

Or you could, you know, not wear designer workout clothes. 

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That said, watch the PSA above and let us know on our Facebook page what you think

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