Jersey Shore

'Jersey Shore's' Vinny: Snooki isn't my type

Feb. 2, 2011 at 7:05 AM ET

Oooh really, Vinny? Then how do you explain the hookup viewers saw on the Sept. 2 episode of "Jersey Shore"? Yes, during season two, housemate Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi did a few shots before heading to bed -- one Vinny Guadagnino's bed, to be specific.


Snooki has already admitted the deed and shared her remorse. "I kind of wish me and Vinny didn't try and have sex, because it was just drama this whole season," she said Jan. 27 on Sirius radio's "The Morning Mash Up!" show. "And I don't know, it was just awkward between us and then I felt stupid."

At least the New York Times best-selling author can own up to the intimate moment she shared with her castmate. Vinny, not so much.

"Living together forces me to sometimes stumble into her bed," he told Life & Style magazine's Scene Queens on Jan. 22. "But she's not my type physically. But if I (saw her) out in a club, I probably wouldn't go there."

So there you go. Having a roomie means you have to stumble into their bed now and then. Regrettable hookups easily explained! 

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