Jeremy Piven shows off back 'tattoo,' runs into Vanessa Williams in the Orange Room

Jeremy Piven used some prime real estate to promote the new season of his PBS drama "Mr. Selfridge" — his back. 

In honor of the upcoming U.S. premiere of the second season of his series, Piven posted a photo of himself showing off a back tattoo featuring the show's title. Friend Jamie Foxx retweeted the image, adding that he couldn't wait to check it out.

Piven shared his elaborate story of the tattoo's origin, joking that Jamie Foxx was the tattoo artist and that the tat stemmed from PBS' low advertising budget for the show here in the U.S.

"They get $11 to advertise their entire slate of shows ... so what I had to do was, the only space we could afford was my back," Piven deadpanned. 

Check out the video for more from Piven on the story behind his tattoo (spoiler alert: it was a temporary tat that only lasted a few weeks), plus a surprise cameo from Vanessa Williams, who stopped by for a hug.

Only in the Orange Room

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