Jeremy drops 199 pounds to win 'Biggest Loser' season 13

Jeremy Britt, the season 13 champ!

Just two episodes ago, Jeremy Britt deemed a "Biggest Loser" twist so unfair that he wanted to leave the game rather than continue it and run the risk of competing alongside an unworthy past player who simply won his or her way back into the game. Of course, unlike some others, Jeremy didn't quit -- he was eliminated. And it was that very same "unfair" twist that allowed him to return to the game and in the end, win it.

On Tuesday night's season 13 finale, the 23-year-old stepped on the scale and made the most of the opportunity he almost walked away from by besting his fellow finalists, including former professional wrestler Kim Nielsen and the game's most polarizing player, his own sister, Conda, with a total weight loss of 199 pounds.

The $250,000 grand-prize winner started the competition weighing in at 389, meaning his triple-digit loss represented 51.16 percent of his body weight, not to mention endless hours on the treadmill and a season full of last-chance workouts.

"It feels great," Jeremy said of his experience, just before learning that he won. "I felt like I was supposed to be here … I fought for it."

As for Jeremy's closest competition, it was Kim who nabbed second place in the season of "No Excuses." The single mother of three lost 118 pounds, 46.83 percentage of her starting weight and all of the inhibitions that she packed on with the original added pounds.

"I don't know what my future holds," Kim said of her new life. "I'm ready for anything. I'm ready for everything."

For Kim, everything quickly included another honor, as she then won The Presidential Active Lifestyle Award, a challenge first introduced by Michelle Obama earlier this season.

'Biggest Loser 13': Before and after

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That left Jeremy's sister Conda -- the one contestant fans of the show openly rooted against throughout the season due to what many considered bullying behavior -- in the third place spot, with 115 pounds down and 39.12 percent behind her.

Conda made no mention of her less-than-inspiring reputation, but had something to say about what was most important to her about the entire experience.

"Life for me is completely different," she explained through tears. "I came here to change myself. I came here for my daughter (Brooklyn). … I accomplished what I came here to do."

Of course, Jeremy and his fellow finalists weren't the only ones to take the scales and compete for prize money on finale night. The 14 eliminated players also returned for a shot the $100,000 at-home reward.

The top contenders for the honor were Cassandra Sturos, Emily Joy and Mike Messina. Cassandra lost 92 pounds, Emily lost 102, but it was Mike, who left the game in the second week of the competition and came back looking like a new (easy-on-the-eyes) man on Tuesday, who earned the win. After starting the game at 358, the early ouster lost 160 (a full 44.69 percent of his weight) and exclaimed, "My God, I'm happy!"

Not on hand for finale night? The "Losers"-turned-quitters who left the show before their time -- Joe Messina, who went the way of the voluntary exit in week 3, and of course, Mark Cornelison and Buddy Shuh, who walked away from the game amid the recent "twist-gate" hubbub.

As for those who weren't there, those that were and the rest of the drama this season packed, former aqua team player Adrian Dortch summed it up best.

"We might be dysfunctional, but we are family," he smiled.

What did you think of the final results? Is Jeremy a worthy winner? Did Mike's at-home win surprise you? Share your thoughts about the finale and the whole "No Excuses" season on our Facebook page.

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