Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence, Oscar winner, only has eyes for Al Roker

Feb. 25, 2013 at 8:11 AM ET

Jennifer Lawrence, you just won the Best Actress Oscar, what are you going to do next?

Look for Al Roker!

“Actors are great, but I love Al Roker and I want to see him,” the “Silver Linings Playbook” actress revealed on the red carpet Sunday night. 

Interviewed by CNN’s Piers Morgan before she headed into the Academy Awards show, J-Law said the person she most looked forward to seeing was Roker, whom she watched every morning before school on TODAY.

The answer stunned Morgan.

“Of all the people you could possibly say, Al Roker?” he said.

“It means something to me personally. I love Al Roker!” Lawrence explained.

Actor Chris Tucker, standing next to Lawrence, said he understood Roker's appeal. Part of it is his attitude.

“Nobody is happier than Al Roker! Every morning he’s happy,” he told Morgan.

Roker, for his part, took all the attention modestly and called Lawrence a “very sweet young lady.”

The TODAY weatherman granted the movie star's wish when he also interviewed her on the red carpet later.

"Everybody’s talking about who they’re excited to see tonight, and it’s always you!" a starstruck Lawrence told Roker.

She then joked about how hungry she was.

"I'm starving and I can see a McDonald's right there," she said. 

Roker said she may not get the Big Mac she was craving, but she could probably walk away with a nice consolation price.

"If you don’t get the Golden Arches, you get a golden statue," he said. "That will be OK, too."

Roker had also interviewed Lawrence last month after she won a Golden Globes award.

"She's never gotten over that," Meredith Vieira said Monday morning.

But Roker said other factors may have been in play at the time.

“She had the flu, so I think she was delirious.”