Embrace this meme: Jared Leto hugs everything!

July 14, 2014 at 11:16 AM ET

It all started out innocently enough a week ago when nature-loving actor Jared Leto shared a tree-hugging self-portrait on Instagram. But, of course, nothing stays innocent for long on the Internet.

Soon Leto wasn't just wrapping his arms and legs around a tree trunk. He was embracing the world as the star of a new hashtag: #JaredHugginLeto.

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A couple of familiar faces even got in on the huggin' action.

While Leto's fans seem to be enjoying themselves by putting him into all sorts of cozy scenes, the "Dallas Buyers Club" star is obviously a fan of their work, too. He's shared a number of his favorite hugs on his Instagram feed.

"You guys are hilarious," Leto told his followers.

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