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James Franco, Artistic Genius (Is this guy for real?)

Aug. 21, 2013 at 4:59 PM ET

James Franco Gets His Own TV Show About Art
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James Franco Gets His Own TV Show About Art

Remember James Franco's character in This Is The End? He played James Franco—or rather, a heightened version of how people perceive him. As New Yorker critic Anthony Lane wrote, "James Franco remains his own most ardent fan, beaming like the sun at just how fabulously Francoid life can be." 

But is the guy really anything like the arrogant, weird-art-collecting, Milky Way-hogging movie star he portrays in that movie? Based on a recent press release from the arts cable network Ovation… uh, maybe. Get a load of the description of his upcoming series, James Franco Presents

"Delivering an unprecedented look at the fascinating projects and real-life adventures of James Franco, James Franco Presents will document his provocative explorations of the world of art. From his gallery exhibits to his students’ films, the innovative series will also provide an exclusive opportunity to hear Mr. Franco’s point of view on his most-personal passion projects, most of which have not been seen by the public." 

Bet you didn't even realize there were Franco projects that have been kept out of the public's sight! Soon you'll be privy to his own video diaries, footage from his "most ambitious art films" and interviews with his heroes. "The show has synched with the rhythms of my life and work," he says. How fabulously Francoid.  

Sadly, the real Franco appears to be nothing like the goofy, Pineapple Express comedian, and much closer to the dead serious dude in 127 Hours. Bummer. 

Though the series website doesn't mention Franco's upcoming roast on Comedy Central, it does remind you why that event is destined to be great.

What will the likes of Seth Rogen, Bill Hader and Sarah Silverman have to say about Mr. James Franco, Artist? We can hardly wait to find out.

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