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That's hot! This trick pool dunk video will leave you sweating

July 15, 2014 at 8:19 AM ET

They're the Jam Broz, and they will leap through fire in order to create an entertaining trick pool dunk. 

The group of men, who produced three different viral trick dunks on YouTube last year, are at it again, this time with a dunk dubbed "The Hottest Pool Dunk Ever." The title is self-explanatory once you see what the final dunker jumps through in order to polish off the trick. 

Last summer, they racked up more than a million views for an 11-man pool dunk complete with a guy wearing a Speedo and another one on roller skates. 

Video: Eleven boys are going viral for a trick shot video that involves a basketball, some in-line skates, and “one Speedo.” This is the second video this group of friends has done in this style, and they are quickly gaining popularity.

The 11-man dunk came on the heels of their first viral video, which involved a long heave from the yard toward the basket. 

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