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Jaleel White and his 'Dancing With the Stars' partner respond to fight rumors

April 3, 2012 at 12:49 PM ET

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"Dancing" star Jaleel White and his pro partner Kym Johnson have something to say about recent rehearsal rumors.

Following a day filled with rumors of bad behavior outside of the ballroom and odd behavior in the ballroom, "Dancing With the Stars" hopeful Jaleel White and his pro partner Kym Johnson have responded to the controversies.

On Monday, a report alleged that the actor lashed out at Johnson after stepping on her foot in rehearsals. He was then said to have traded barbs with pro Mark Ballas and show producers who stepped in to defend Johnson.

So what really happened? That's still unclear.

TMZ's cameras caught up with Ballas, who denied the whole thing. 

"It's a complete fabrication," the pro told the gossip site about the rumored fight. "We're in L.A., man, everything's fabricated."

But when "Entertainment Tonight" spoke to Johnson and White, the duo danced around the question rather than give direct answers.

"I'm gonna let my wife talk," White joked as he threw the topic to the "Dancing" champ.

"You know what? Everyone has stressful weeks – good weeks and bad weeks," Johnson explained. "We probably had more of a stressful week. But it wasn't anything like, obviously, a tabloid story."

White agreed.

"People have to realize this is a competition, and I had no idea how much the tabloids just besieged this show," he added. "It's never been a part of my life at all. Hopefully we can just move past this week. … I had a manicure with this girl this week. That's all I need to say. I don't need to say anything else."

Well, maybe he needed to say a little more. For instance, he had something to say about that strange breakdown he had following his "Family Matters"-inspired performance Monday night – the one in which he wept as he referred to alter egos Steve Urkel and Stefan Urquelle as his personal Mickey Mouse.

"I don't share these characters with anybody," he told "ET." "You got to go deep to go to that place. (There were) a lot of distractions this week and to be able to pull that out -- you just feel like you caught a winning touchdown."

Now it all makes sense -- sort of.

What do you think about the "Dancing" drama? Do you think the rumors were really exaggerated, or do you believe White and Johnson have simply decided to forgive and forget the incident? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page! 


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