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It's Simon v. Simon in 'X Factor' battle

Aug. 25, 2011 at 1:08 PM ET

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Simon Cowell thinks it's odd that "Idol" creator Simon Fuller wants an exec producer title on "X Factor," a show Cowell says Fuller didn't even work on.

The two biggest Simons in the talent-show biz are facing off.

In July, “American Idol” creator Simon Fuller filed a lawsuit against Fox and FreemantleMedia (the network and production company behind both “Idol” and “The X Factor”) because he believes he deserves big bucks for and an executive producer credit on Simon Cowell’s upcoming show. Cowell recently spoke out and gave his take on that.

“I'm surprised this has happened,” the former “Idol” judge told The Hollywood Reporter. “Because you can't give someone an executive producer's title if they didn't executive produce the show.”

Despite Fuller’s argument that an earlier agreement he made with the “X Factor” powers-that-be entitles him to something, Cowell just doesn’t see it.

“It’s like me saying I want to be executive producer on ‘The Voice’ or ‘Project Runway,’ ” he said.

But according to Fuller’s lawyer, Cowell doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

“Mr. Cowell would be better served reading scripts than legal pleadings and documents he clearly does not understand,” Dale Kinsella told The Hollywood Reporter.

Fuller’s suit isn’t the only one that “X Factor” faces. Earlier this month, a family of talent show hopefuls filed suit after their exhausting audition experience ended in rejection.

Team Simon or … well, Cowell or Fuller — take your pick. Which side are you on? Tell us on our Facebook page.


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