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Huh?! One 'Loser' feels bad for losing weight

What is it up with all the wacky weigh-ins on “The Biggest Loser” this season? We’ve had the twins gainers, the “help a pal leave” gainer, “let’s throw it to save the kids” gainers and other odd anomalies.

On Tuesday night, the scale-side shenanigans were back, but they didn’t involve gaining any weight this time. Instead the focus was on trying not to lose enough weight to win.

Make sense? Didn’t think so.

The pre-weigh-in drama started shortly after the teams were shuffled. Again. Last week the red and black teams became the big-blue-happy-family team. This week? Blue turned into red (Brett’s team), black (Jillian’s team), green (Cara’s team) and, well, blue (Bob’s team). Each team had three members except for black, which was made up of only Rulon and Hannah. In order to score a third, they had to select an eliminated “Loser” to join them. Welcome back, Jay!

Now, back to that drama. For some reason, newly green Kaylee got it into her head that her time on “Loser” was at an end. This wasn’t some sort of plateau prediction or sad acceptance. No, Kaylee was thrilled about her realization. After gaining two pounds last week, she determined she had also “gained everything (she) needed” in the game.

So when Kaylee saw that her weight remained steady on the scale this week, she beamed.

“For once in my life I don’t care what anyone else thinks,” Kaylee told host Allison Sweeney. “It’s not about weight loss anymore. It’s about me fixing what’s inside.”

Apparently, Kaylee’s green-mates were in on the plan and also intended to pull low-to-no losses. Austin did his part with a mere 3-pound loss, but it all fell apart when Ken stepped up. He actually had the nerve to lose 7 pounds and cause his team to win the weigh-in.

Yay? Nope.

Ken was devastated — not quite as much as sobbing Kaylee, but still. He explained that effectively throwing the weigh-in was the only way to help another player go home in the game, and he’d failed at that.

“That’s not true,” a no-nonsense Allison shot back. “This is not a prison. If you want to leave at any time, you’re welcome to do that. This has never been what this place is about.”

Team Allison!

When given that blunt choice and after a little counsel from dad Moses, Kaylee agreed to stay another week. It wasn’t as though her leaving would spare anyone else anyway. No matter what she decided, the red team was on the block and soon enough, Justin was the one out the door.

Ree Hines hopes she never has to see another player practically apologize for losing weight on “Loser.” Follow on Twitter and tell her what you thought of the greenies game play.

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