Hugh Jackman tweets amazing weightlifting photo

Considering he's got the No. 1 film in the country with "Wolverine," Hugh Jackman probably doesn't need to convince everyone of his mighty prowess.

But that didn't stop him from tweeting out a seriously, well, jacked photo of himself lifting weights. He's straining with the effort, but he's got it fully in the air. And as he notes in the tweet, "If the bar ain't bendin, then you're just pretendin."

Jackman is a frequent tweeter, but lately he's been on a bit of a binge, showing himself visiting Jackson Pollock's studio ("Will never tell my kids to clean up again," he joked) and at the New York City "Wolverine" fan event preparing to chomp down on a table full of cupcakes.

Well, maybe that explains the extra weightlifting. Go Wolverine!

Hugh Jackman

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Kevin Winter

The Aussie actor, one-time Sexiest Man Alive, has made his mark in theater and film with a wide array of roles.


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