Jon Hamm

How does this fly with you? Jon Hamm owns four eagles

Feb. 17, 2012 at 10:43 AM ET

Turns out, Jon Hamm may be just as mysterious in real life as his “Mad Men” alias, Don Draper. He owns four eagles after all.

In a new interview with Esquire magazine, Hamm unveils a variety of little-known, super-obscure truths about his life. To begin with the eagles, he has four types (golden, tawny, Spanish Imperial, and short-toed snakes), and each bird gets its own personal perch in the backyard. Hamm makes certain they all get star treatment too. Every morning, they’re fed and rotated by a robed assistant.


Born in St. Louis, Hamm, 40, shot to stardom for his lead role as advertising executive and perpetual playboy, ‘Don Draper,’ in the award-winning AMC drama series, “Mad Men.” The long-delayed, much-anticipated fifth season debuts as a two-hour premiere on March 25, after contractual negotiations with show creator, Matthew Weiner, stalled production and took the show off air in 2011. The series is currently set to end after its seventh season.

Hamm can’t reveal any details about the upcoming edition, but does mention he will make his directing debut with the second episode, airing April 1. Alternately, he divulges particulars on his golfing regimen, his take on Cardinals fans, and his beginnings in the industry.

“I left St. Louis with $150 in my pocket and a wallet full of dangerously overdrawn credit cards,” Hamm said. “I drove out from St. Louis over the course of four or five days (staying on friends' couches in various western states, as well as on the side of the road in Carlin, Nev.) in a 1986 Toyota Corolla that would regularly blow a radiator-fan fuse and overheat.”

Surprisingly, the now well-off and in demand actor continues to golf on public courses, playing often with fellow “Mad Men” cast member Joel Murray, aka Freddy Rumsen. He’s also a fan of Camaros, hunts with a crossbow, and once taught drama at a high school.

And, perhaps most surprising -- he doesn’t smoke.

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