How to chill, from Jimmy Buffett, king of kicking back

You know who's a chilled-out dude? Jimmy Buffett

The man's work uniform involves taking his shoes off. He spends his time in places like Montauk, N.Y. and Key West, Fla. He writes songs about day-drinking and how much he loves gumbo. 

The man is a veritable relaxation machine. 

So who better than the least chill staffer — me — to hit him up for some advice?

You see, I'm getting married in a little over a month. The stress level of pulling this thing off ranks right up there with wire-walking across the Grand Canyon and excising a pile of rocks from a dog's belly. How's everybody going to get there? Where will they stay? How will we cut all these pies without them crumbling and what in God's name is a stephanotis? 

Help, Jimmy, help! 

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