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The hottest TV story of the week was ...

Sep. 2, 2011 at 8:02 PM ET

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The new cast of "Dancing With the Stars."

Boy, the season hasn't even officially started yet, and "Dancing With the Stars" is already No. 1!

Clicker readers couldn't get enough of the show, starting with Monday's cast announcement. And as with previous seasons, there were some "stars" who really got fans of the show talking and bumped the story about the reveal to the top of this week's list. We got a hint of that early in the day Monday, when it was rumored that Nancy Grace was one of the chosen ones. (Wow, did readers have a strong reaction on our Facebook page!)

And when it was confirmed that Chaz Bono, who is transgender, was going "Dancing," the interest really spiked. Would he be dancing with a man or a woman? The answer -- in the form of the pairings reveal on Wednesday -- was quite popular. Later, the "DWTS" execs told us that the show will stick to ballroom tradition -- that is, male-female dance partners.

Sure, we had our share of not-so-nice comments (to put it mildly) on the subject of Chaz (and Nancy Grace). But for the most part, readers recognized the cast and the show for what it is -- people who've had brushes with fame wanting to try out some fancy footwork. 

 "I watch the show every season & will continue to watch," reader Diana Urban Ragno wrote on our Facebook page. "I find it fun & very entertaining & love dance.. no time for controversy in my home.. all that watch enjoy!!!"

The second hottest topic in The Clicker this week? "Toddlers & Tiaras" mom Lindsay dressing up her tot Maddy as Dolly Parton -- complete with a padded chest and behind. That not only got folks clicking on the story and watching our exclusive clip, but the angry comments came fast and furious.

"This is appalling, it's actually child abuse," wrote reader Sandy Gilbert on our Facebook page. "These parents do this insanity for one reason, the money and to live a dream they have never been able to live. (They) use their babies to fulfill this. How sad. And what is really frightening is I bet there are many (pedophiles) out there enjoying this. Sick."

And on Friday, readers just couldn't believe that someone actually wanted "Project Runway" host Heidi Klum to cover up! The supermodel revealed on "The Tonight Show" that she was sunning herself sans top by a pool in Phoenix when a security guard informed her that there were complaints about her revealing her assets, and told her that she had to get dressed. Twice.

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