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The hottest TV and reality TV stories this week

July 8, 2011 at 8:13 PM ET

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James Spader is joining "The Office" as a regular this fall.

Two totally different brands of kooky duked it out for the most popular Clicker post this week. It came down to a battle between headline-making Charlie Sheen (yes, again!) and the reveal of the new CEO on "The Office."

And the winner is ... not Charlie Sheen. Sorry! (#notwinning)

Though you guys loved reading about his latest round of shenanigans, you were more interested in NBC's announcement that James Spader would become the new quirky boss on "The Office." The opening for a new cast member came about when Steve Carrell left the show at the end of the season, taking his bumbling Michael Scott with him. Spader will reprise his role as Rob California, this time hired as the new manager. Mr. California then quickly finds himself promoted to CEO of Sabre, the parent company of Dunder Mifflin. He'll be replacing Kathy Bates' Jo Bennett, the soon-to-be former CEO of Sabre. (Bates new series, "Harry's Law," is returning for a second season.)

But going back to No. 2 (or first place loser), the Sheen headline that caught your eye this week was that his "Comedy Central Roast" would air Sept. 19, the same night as Ashton Kutcher's "Two and a Half Men" debut. Readers were split on which program to watch (although the roast airs at 10 p.m., an hour after "Men"), with some eager to see the actor get blasted by comedians, and others swearing to never lay eyes on another program he appears on. (Check out the comments on our Facebook page.)

Next up? Boobs! Well, "Teen Mom" boobs, to be exact. I know you guys totally love to hate on the show, but you can't help but click on all of the headlines! And this week, it was the recap of the season three premiere you couldn't resist. (How could you? The headline literally said "Here for boobs.") According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show was the most-watched premiere in the franchise's history. The more than 3.6 million viewers made it the No. 1 cable program in the 12-34 demo on July 5, and judging by how many of you read the recap, I'm guessing quite a few of you contributed to the number of viewers. (It's OK. I can't resist the show either.)

Then there was Friday's viral video sensation: a "Worst Driver" contestant runs over the host of the show. Ouch! Though you guys probably couldn't understand a word of the video, the action and reaction of the driver kept folks clicking.

Rounding out the list is "House" star Hugh Laurie as the new face of L'Oreal Paris' line of men's cosmetics. The actor delivered a truly funny promotional clip that readers applauding.

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