Hi-yah! Chipmunks battle for acorns on 'North America'

Chipmunks. They're furry, cute and can be rather animated. (And no, we're not talking about Alvin, Simon or Theodore.)

But in an exclusive clip Discovery is sharing with TODAY.com from Sunday's new episode of "North America," viewers will get to see another side to the critters often thought of as adorable little rodents: They're thieving kung-fu masters if you mess with their nuts.

OK, not exactly. The producers of the seven-part series clearly had fun putting together the segment about chipmunks gathering food for winter: As acorns fall from oak trees in a Pennsylvania forest, they sound like bombs dropping. Narrator Tom Selleck is given awesome lines, such as, "Nut collecting is serious business" and "Why drive yourself nuts ... when your neighbor can do it for you?" (You have to hear his tone!)

Even better, when a sticky-fingered chipmunk is caught -- with cheeks stuffed -- by a responsible gatherer, rock music kicks in and the little guys engage in some "Matrix"-worthy moves in a battle for food.

Check it out:

As Selleck advises, "Never mess with a chipmunk's nuts." You can't say that "North America" isn't an educational program!

"North America: Learn Young or Die" airs Sunday at 9 p.m. on Discovery Channel.

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