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Heartthrobs Clooney, Fabio get into scuffle

Two legendary Hollywood heartthrobs went head to head on Friday night as George Clooney and Fabio were involved in a bizarre encounter at a Beverly Hills restaurant, Access Hollywood has learned.

As George was dining with girlfriend Sarah Larson and another man at Madeo’s, Fabio was at a nearby table with a group of friends, who began taking photos of themselves at their table.

However, when George suspected it was his table that was the camera’s target, he flipped off the photographer as a picture was being taken.

Fabio then approached George’s table to explain that he was having a charity dinner for the 11-99 Foundation and that his guests were only taking pictures of each other.

“The women and I were taking pictures of us together only. The women were not taking pictures of George. Out of courtesy, I even went over to George’s table to explain that to him. I just feel badly that it ruined the night of these women who paid to support charity. I am thinking of something to make it up to them,” Fabio told Access.

A source told Access that during the incident Fabio told George that he could teach him some manners. This happened prior to the altercation between the two men. A few expletives were exchanged by both men before they had to be physically broken up.

“Clooney started on ‘ER’ and Fabio was going to send him back there,” the 6’4”, 220-pound Fabio’s manager told Access.

A rep for the 5’11”, 170-pound Clooney had no comment.