Happy birthday, Beyoncé! Let's be part of the family on Instagram

All hail the Queen. Queen Beyoncé, that is, as the singer marks her 33rd birthday.

While this year was full of milestones — surprise album; infamous elevator altercation between Jay Z and Solange; touring with hubby; winning a VMA Vanguard award — it was also about revealing the family side of her life to her fans. 

Beyoncé continues to offer an intimate glimpse into her world as wife to Jay Z and mom to adorable daughter Blue Ivy through numerous photos on Instagram. See for your selfie ...

A sweet mommy and daughter toe shot gave us one of our first peeks at Blue Ivy.

A belated Halloween pic revealed Blue Ivy dressed up like a bumble bee (fitting since her mom is the Queen B) while Beyoncé sported some angel wings.

We all know who Blue is, but in case there were some questions, Beyoncé and the little girl set the record straight with a bedazzled customized leather jacket.

Jay Z is a proud papa and hubby in this adorable split of him picking up his daughter and his wife. 

A mother's love and embrace is all you never need. Beyoncé shared some "blue kisses" with her daughter.

Another Blue foot appearance but this time there was a little fun poked at dad's past album title. "The blueprint" Beyoncé wrote on this cute image.

Don't mind me mom, I'm just trying them on. Blue Ivy lives the dream: to raid Beyoncé's closet. She's taking baby steps by starting with her heels.

It was a "Happy Happy Father's Day" Beyoncé said on this pic of Jay Z bonding with Blue.

Matching manis for Beyoncé and Blue as they showed off their pretty nails. "Me and my Blue, and my Blue Blue, riding," the singer wrote on this photo.

Cheers! Can we join you wherever you are? 

Looking through the eyes of Beyoncé, we see the joy being with her family brings her. "My favorite hue is Jay Z Blue," the singer wrote in this personal vacation picture.

And finally, as she accepted her VMA award last month, we love how it turned into the ultimate family moment onstage, captured in this quick Instagram video.

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