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Haiti tragedy high in minds of stars at Globes

The red carpet of the Golden Globes was full of celebrities discussing the need to address the tragedy in Haiti.

Nicole Kidman was the first presenter of the awards show and touched upon the meaning of the ribbons many people wore in honor of the victims of the quake; Maggie Gyllenhaal urged viewers to give “as generously as possible” to the citizens of the island nation.

While the net effect of those messages are still to be seen, those directly involved with the production of the Golden Globes say that it was difficult to strike the appropriate balance at the awards show.

“Earlier in the week, the show was practically just a show about Haiti,” said one person who was at rehearsals in the days after the earthquake and leading up to the production. “Every day there was tweaking — it was really difficult, you want to address what’s happening, but you wanted it (the message) to be genuine. That’s how we ended up with the show we had (Sunday).”

Plus ones tough for Globes after-show

The Golden Globes don’t end after the final award is doled out — the production team and a number of media outlets do post-shows that (hopefully) include interviews with some of the big-name winners.

Only this years, many of the winners, and nominees for that matter, wanted to skip out — thanks to their spouses. Among them: David Duchovney (“Californication”), whose wife Tea Leoni was visibly unamused when he agreed to a post-show spot. Ditto Felicity Huffman, whose husband is William H. Macy (who I’m told is about to do a project with “The West Wing” alum Allison Janney). “He shook his head ‘no’ just as she agreed to do a spot,” said one production assistant.

Mike Tyson, fan favorite“The Hangover” win was one that was largely unexpected from inside the Beverly Hilton — even cameo star Mike Tyson was taken by surprise. The night before, at Paramount’s party for “Up in the Air” at Chateau Marmont, Tyson said he had “no expectation” for a win.

One factoid that also might come as a surprise: Tyson is a major military history buff. He confirmed at Chateau that he’s going to do a project with MSNBC’s military analyst, Col. Jack Jacobs. “I love Jack, we’re going to work together,” said Tyson. Without giving more details about what exactly he and Jacobs would collaborate on, he said, “We are going to do it very soon.”

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