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Gwen Stefani tweets 1983 photo of herself getting autograph from Sting

Stars! They're starstruck, just like us! That's what pop singer Gwen Stefani proved on Sunday, tweeting out a totally adorable photo of herself obtaining an autograph from a punked-out, bleached-blond Sting in 1983.



What's not to love? There's Stefani in her white flats, khaki shorts, yellow top and new-wave hairdo, leaning in as Sting, who was still with The Police at that point, sits astride a motorcycle backstage, the very image of a rock star.

The only unfortunate element? That Stefani calls herself "chunky" in the photo. Hey, she looks like a normal adolescent to us.

Shortly after, she threw out another flashback, but this one a little more recent: a link to the video where her band No Doubt got to perform at the Super Bowl in 2003 ... with Sting.



Touchdown, all around!