Grammy gun girl fires up fashion fans

Feb. 12, 2012 at 9:27 PM ET

Singer Sasha Gradiva at the Grammys.

The first question: What exactly is Sasha Gradiva wearing on the Grammy red carpet?

The second question: Who the heck is Sasha Gradiva?

And maybe that's the point: The Russian-born singer arrived at the awards looking half-star, half-Terminator in her cool pink gown and sporting a giant metallic gun-like appendage crawling up one arm. The odd accessory certainly worked to spread her photo and name, as numerous blogs and Twitter posts questioned what she was wearing.

Not everyone appreciated or understood the imagery. The singer's stylist, Leonid Gurevich, explained his concept for the look on his website.

"The concept behind the weapon accessory was to take ALL the weapons and firearms of the world and use them for artistic purposes only. Not for killing," he wrote. "Make couture -- not war."

Gurevich even posted his explanation on websites where Grammy viewers questioned the look. On, where a reader wrote of the look, "This is really stupid in my opinion. Makes no sense. What is the point?," Gurevich restated his concept, then wrote "That's the point."

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