Got $17K? You can buy Olsen twins' bizarre furry backpack

June 28, 2012 at 11:49 AM ET

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For just $16,900, this backpack can be yours...

Need a backpack? You can buy one at Target for less than $15.

Have $17,000? You can buy a pretty decent car.

Need a backpack, have $17,000, and think like an Olsen twin? Then perhaps you would spend that nice chunk of cash on this bizarre, multi-colored fur backpack from Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's accessory line. Ha, no, you probably wouldn't. But you COULD.

Yes, the newly unveiled bag from the famed acting twins line sells for $16,900. That's a bargain compared to the $39,000 crocodile backpack the twins' collection offered last year.

Gawker.com's headline about the bag was hilarious and blunt: "Olsens Unveil New $16,900 Backpack Crafted from Old Coonskin Caps They Dyed with Kool-Aid."

Except you can buy a pack of Kool-Aid for less than a dollar, and coonskin caps are available for less than $5. So you could assemble your own backpack and still have more than $16,800 to donate to charity, attend college, or start your own fashion backpack line.

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