'Glee' makes surprising casting move

Jan. 18, 2012 at 10:11 AM ET

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Jeff Goldblum and Brian Stokes Mitchell are set to play Rachel's two dads on "Glee."

The identity of Rachel Berry's biological mom on "Glee" has been the subject of an ongoing storyline, but until now Berry's adoptive gay dads Hiram and LeRoy Berry have been glimpsed just fleetingly.

But as TVLine now reports, those gay dads have finally been cast in full speaking parts, and will now be played by Jeff Goldblum and Broadway veteran Brian Stokes Mitchell.

It's an interesting change of "Glee" canon; the photo of Rachel with her dads made it pretty clear that they were played by a different set of actors.

Perhaps more important, they've both got musical backgrounds. Mitchell has a number of stage productions under his belt, including "Kiss Me Kate," which earned him a 2000 Tony Award. He's also done television, playing roles on "Frasier" and "Ugly Betty." Meanwhile, Goldblum is better known for his acting -- most recently he had a regular role on "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" -- but according to TVLine he's an "accomplished jazz pianist" (he even tickled the ivories a bit on "Criminal Intent") and debuted on Broadway in 1971.

Goldblum and Mitchell will appear on the series' Valentine's Day episode, Feb. 14 on Fox. And yes, says TVLine, they're gonna sing.

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