George Clooney's parents 'very excited' about his 'brilliant' new fianceé

Single ladies the world over might be dismayed that George Clooney is finally gonna put a ring on it, but the actor's parents are thrilled with his engagement to British attorney Amal Alamuddin.

"We are very pleased," Nick Clooney, father of the Oscar-winning actor, told E! News. "We like Amal and we are very excited for our family and thrilled for them."

Nina Clooney seconded her husband's excitement over the news. "You can say I'm extremely happy, Amal's a lovely girl" she told the Daily Mail. "We weren’t at all surprised when they told us they were engaged, and we couldn’t be happier for them."

News of the engagement between the 52-year-old Clooney and 36-year-old Alamuddin came over the weekend and was celebrated on Monday morning by the London law firm where Alamuddin works.

Clooney's mother told the Daily Mail the human-rights lawyer possessed something perhaps not found in the actor's previous love interests.

"On an intellectual level, they are equals. That is very important to him," Nina Clooney said. "Amal’s world couldn’t be more different from the Hollywood lifestyle." When asked if Alamuddin is anything like the other women who have dated her son, Clooney said, "Heavens, no! She’s a lawyer, she is brilliant, she is a very bright woman and at the very top of her career."

Nick Clooney, who has been married to Nina for 55 years, told E! his son and new fianceé "are both wonderful people and hope they have a terrific life ahead of them. This is their day. This is George and Amal's time."

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