'Game of Thrones' fans #RoastJoffrey with jabs aimed at hated character

Image: Joffrey Baratheon Helen Sloan / HBO
You mad, bro? King Joffrey Baratheon was the focus of a social media roasting on Thursday.

Throwback Thursday turned into Talk Smack Thursday for fans of HBO's "Game of Thrones" who love to hate on the character King Joffrey Baratheon. The show's main Twitter feed spearheaded a #RoastJoffrey day billed as "the first social media event of its kind in dishonor of his grace."

Tweets mocking the boy king began flooding in and many featured photos or GIFs aimed at further solidifying that Joffrey (played by Jack Gleeson) is the most despised of the fantasy series' regulars. HBO's "GoT" website was rounding up the running taunts, and encouraged fans to join in — with the caveat that "on social media, no one gets their tongue ripped out."

With all the vitriol being aimed at him, Joffrey eventually made a powerless plea for the roast to be shut down.

"Game of Thrones" is expected back on HBO in spring 2014.

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