Biggest Loser

Forget the pounds! 'Biggest Loser' makeover takes years off one contestant

April 3, 2012 at 10:51 PM ET

Mrs. Santa ... err, Chris ... before and after.

After months of grueling workouts and scale-side showdowns, the contestants on "The Biggest Loser" got a big break on Tuesday night. Instead of stressing about shedding pounds, it was time to relax and shed their old looks for this season's makeover episode.

With the help of celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves and "How Do I Look?" host Jeannie Mai -- not to mention the added incentive of an invitation to meet First Lady Michelle Obama at the White House -- the "Losers" had no trouble letting go of old clothes, old hairdos and recent hair-don'ts (as in that goatee-gone-wild that once called Mark's chin home).

For Conda that meant saying so long to several inches of her hair, which she chose to donate to Locks of Love. (Way to change your look and your mean-girl reputation, Conda!) She also said goodbye to her natural brown hair color for a blonde look, which led to her new self-dubbed nickname: Blonda.

For Kim, who's already slimmed down to a size most players don't see until the finale night, the makeover mostly gave her a chance to try on new dresses that suited her impressive figure.

Mark, Buddy and Jeremy's big reveals involved shaves and shorter haircuts (well, Mark can't exactly go any shorter) in addition to the usual new duds. They looked great, but none of them really compared to Conda or Kim -- or Chris.

Yes, the makeover shocker of the night was that the woman who started the competition looking like a fitting Mrs. Klaus to her Santa of a husband, Roy, doesn't anymore. Chris dropped years, if not decades, just by swapping her gray, shapeless hair for a light-brown, kicky style. Just wait until Santa sees her!

And wait she will, because while all of the contestants were reunited with loved ones ready to ooh and ah over their looks at the White House, past competitors weren't invited. Still, Chris' kids seemed impressed, as did each player's family members -- especially Conda's, who didn't even recognize her at first.

 That's all the feel-good hour offered before the dreaded phrase "to be continued" flashed across the screen. Which means the meeting with the first lady will also have to wait -- until next week.

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