First look at 'Big Love's' final season

Dec. 9, 2010 at 1:11 PM ET

After a couple of moody but mostly content-free trailers, HBO has finally released a teaser for the upcoming season of “Big Love” that gives fans an idea of what to expect as the show faces its “end of days.”

The good? It all kicks off with a creepy image of Alby. (Is there any other kind?) And, hey, Lois makes an equally brief out-of-context appearance, so there’s that.

The bad? More of the same. It looks like there’s just no reset button for season four’s nonsense, so it’s back to Bill being Senator Bill while his trio of brides suffers the fallout from his great idea to out them all.

Here’s hoping someone (Ably? Adaleen? Margene’s other husband? "Sincerely yours" Hollis Green?) stirs up some entertaining distractions from the Bill show.

The new season of “Big Love” premieres Jan. 16.

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