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The final five face off on 'Project Runway'

Oct. 14, 2011 at 10:09 AM ET

We're down to the final five, and I'm guessing all the hugging and loving of past episodes is about wrapped up,  no matter how much Anya tries to keep things positive. It's getting down to the wire, and God knows that Josh M. is nothing but a big, pouty baby when he hasn't won a challenge (and a haughty bully when he has), so there's simply no way to keep the tension out of the workroom this week. But let the games begin -- we can only hope Josh M. gets his walking papers at last. 

Before the challenge begins, Josh M. and Viktor bash Anya. She can't sew! She just drapes! She's not as super fabulous as they are! Well, I was on the fence about Viktor, but seeing that he's decided to join forces with The Bedazzler, I'm not all that fond of him at the moment. Yes, Josh M. can sew, but his taste runs toward drag queen gear, not fashion. Anya can learn to sew, but Josh M. can never acquire good taste.

Finally it's time for Heidi to order the designers to leave the city for the final challenge! On the ferry to Governors Island, they dream of the big time. Hate to burst some bubbles here, but have you seen the track record for "Project Runway" designers? Just thought it might be the time to bring that up. They're invited to wander around the island and find inspiration, preferably in the exhibit of outdoor sculpture by Mark Di Suvero. Plug, plug, plug!

Anyway, once we get through the tourist info, Tim reveals that the designers must create three looks which must demonstrate a range, i.e. a mini-collection. They get an hour to explore the island (with golf carts!) and it's a two day challenge. I was hoping to see some hijinks with the golf carts, but everyone's far too serious for that at this point in the competition.

The designers sketch, they go to Mood, everything's proceeding as planned. Until Time shows up with the black velvet button bag. But it's not bad news (there aren't even enough people for a team challenge at this point, relax guys). Everyone gets a helper! The order in which the designers get to choose is determined by the button bag.

Kimberly picks Becky.

Viktor picks Olivier.

Laura picks Anthony Ryan.  

Then, the choosing is down to Anya and Josh M. Anya's chosen next -- and she foolishly tries to joke around with Josh M. He literally steps away from her and tells her she's being violent in a joking-but-not tone. What is wrong with this guy? Anya doesn't understand. She likes everyone! Why are people being mean to her? This is like watching a kitten play with rabid monkeys. I can barely stand to watch.

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