Final films by 'Glee' star Cory Monteith to screen at Toronto film festival

Aug. 14, 2013 at 8:19 AM ET

Cory Monteith in "All the Wrong Reasons."
Myriad Pictures
Cory Monteith in "All the Wrong Reasons."

The last two films made by late "Glee" actor Cory Monteith are slated to screen at the Toronto International Film Festival this September, reports The Independent.

"All the Wrong Reasons" and "McCarnick" were the 31-year-old Canadian's last two projects before he died of a heroin and alcohol overdose on July 13.

One role cuts uncomfortably close to real life; in "McCarnick" he plays a convict named Simon Weeks who deals with a drug addiction after his release from jail. 

As Monteith told Parade magazine in an interview that published in June 2011, he was battling drugs and alcohol himself by the time he was 13, and says he quit for good when he was 16. "I had a serious problem," he said.

In "McCarnick," said The Independent, Monteith's "appearance is starkly altered," going from a clean-cut young man to a "rugged, long-haired and hoodie-wearing lout."

In "All the Wrong Reasons," Monteith plays a big box department store manager named James Ascher, who has a wife who has post-traumatic stress disorder. This turned out to be a role that also hewed close to Monteith's real-life experience, though in a different way — he'd once worked as a Walmart greeter, reported E! Online.

"Cory totally delivered," director Tony Whalen said of his performance. "He really embraced that role and completely knocked everybody's socks off with his portrayal."

The Toronto film festival runs from Sept. 5 to 15.