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Favorite things: 'addictive' Snappers snacks, Christmas music

Kathie Lee and Hoda showed off their favorite things on Monday, and Hoda's came with an unusual caveat: She advised people not to buy her favorite snack.

"I don't even want to tell you about these because you won't stop eating them," she said as she held up a bag of Snappers, from the Milkshake Factory. "Addictive, crazy, please don't get them because you'll never stop eating them." If you dare, you can find them at, or on Facebook.

As for KLG, her favorite thing was in the holiday spirit: two new Christmas albums. Liz Calloway's "Merry and Bright," on sale tomorrow at, and Linda Eder's "Christmas Where You Are," available now at They're terrific ladies. 

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