Famous fans rave about the end of the action on 'BreakingBad'

After five seasons and 62 episodes, AMC's white-knuckle drama "Breaking Bad" came to an appropriately tense end on Sunday night. But what did fans who've followed the story of good-guy-turned-bad (and then worse) Walter White really think of the final showdown?

It's (almost) unanimous! The overwhelming reaction online is that series send-off was the right way to say "so long" to the show and wrap up a story that had left nearly no one to root for among the compelling leads.

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In fact, in our own post-show online survey, 96 percent of fans voted the episode "good" or "perfect."

Even "Breaking Bad's" most famous fans spoke out, as they took to Twitter to cheer the end of the gripping tale.

"Breaking Bad" star RJ Mitte, who played Walt Jr. on the show, seemed to enjoy the series ender just as much off-screen as he did on-screen.

And the actress who played his aunt? Betsy Brandt's just happy that it's all behind her.

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