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Extra! Extra! Kathie Lee, Hoda land newspaper column

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Kathie Lee and Hoda have a brand-new column in the New York Daily News.

You watch the ladies on TODAY every morning, but now you can read them too, starting this Thursday in one of New York's major daily papers. The pair will be covering food, fashion, current events and pop culture — pretty much everything you know and love them for already. 

"We'd like to say 'yay!', with lots of exclamation points, because…" began Hoda.

"Because," deadpanned KLG, "civilization has now come to an end. We are — Hoda and myself — columnists."

Kathie Lee and Hoda's new column in the New York Daily News.

"How did that happen?" asked Hoda.

"It's a big mistake," joked KLG. "It's gonna be bad. And not for us. For them." 

The new column will appear every week, and will cover topics near and dear to Kathie Lee and Hoda's hearts. And there will be jokes. Lots of jokes.

"What scares me about the written word is that there's no use of tone and so much of what we say is tongue in cheek or with an eyeball, with a roll of the eye," reminded KLG. "So if you read something that's offensive, just remember it was a joke."

You got it.