Exclusive peek: 'Mama's Boys' just want to be babied

April 9, 2012 at 8:10 AM ET

The special bond between mother and son is a beautiful thing. When the little guy is young, he gets plenty of love, good advice, delicious meals and maybe even a maid of sorts from Mom while living at home. 

But eventually, it comes time to fly the coop -- unless he's one of the 30-something men who prefers to stay at home and be babied in adulthood on TLC's new series "Mama's Boys of the Bronx."

The eight-part series takes a look at the lives of five Italian-American men -- Anthony, Frankie, Giovanni, Peter and Chip -- who all live happily at home with their mothers and have no plans to leave. (Yes, they're all employed.) 

And why should they? The mothers -- who, despite wanting to see their sons marry "good Italian girls" --  love having the boys around and even do their laundry, cook for them, clean for them, shop for them and of course, nag them.

Take 38-year-old Giovanni, for example. He moved in with his Aunt Gina after his mother passed away in March 2011. In an exclusive sneak peek TLC shared with, the aspiring fashion designer takes some ribbing from his aunt after he turns away her delicious homemade raviolis. 

"Giovan, you know where you gotta lose weight?" Gina snaps. "Your nose! You got a #$&%*^% vacuum cleaner over there! And what time you coming home? You eat no ravioli, you got no ass, and that's it! At least my pants stay up."

Yes, even with all that, Giovanni prefers to live at home. (That must be some amazing ravioli.) 

Check out our exclusive clip:

Several of the cast members also appeared on TODAY Monday to chat about their new show: 

The series premieres at 10 p.m., Monday, April 9 on TLC.

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