Ex-'Survivor' Marty explains his problem with Jane

Nov. 12, 2010 at 12:42 PM ET

“Survivor” fans still curious about all drama surrounding Marty Piombo and Jane Bright can finally get the backstory on the bad blood between them — well, one side of the backstory.

Marty wasn’t able to outwit, outplay or outlast his in-game nemesis, but now that he’s out of the competition, he is able to dish the Jane-related dirt.

“Within five minutes of this game starting, we were in the woods -- me and Jimmy Johnson -- and Jane ran up and said, ‘My husband just died. I need the money. Please don't vote me off,’” Marty recalled in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. “It really turned me off personally. I have had more personal tragedy and loss in my life than her and Chase combined. I deliberately chose not to bring that into the game. It sent up a red flag to me just in terms of who would use her husband's death in a game like this on national TV? Then to see her immediately choose Wendy and Jimmy T. as her partners in this game threw up a couple of other red flags.”

Ultimately, Marty insists his focus on getting rid of Jane was purely strategic. Still, given the low-blows he saw from her when he watched his own ouster episode, don’t expect him to forgive and forget at the reunion show.

“The level of hatred surfaced (Wednesday night) about my family and my children. Even by 'Survivor' standards, I think people would find that hitting below the belt,” Marty said of Jane’s tough talk. “That was the most disappointing part of the season for me. I think it speaks to her and her upbringing and where she comes from. You have to take that as part of reality TV.”

Watch as Jane shared her thoughts on Marty moments before tribal council:

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