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Elizabeth Hurley: New 'Royals' series an 'extreme, sexy adventure into royalty'

Elizabeth Hurley does not mince words when it comes to her new soapy drama "The Royals," in which she stars as Queen Helena, head of a fictional family of royals in modern London. "This is an extreme, sexy adventure into royalty," she chuckled to TODAY Wednesday during a sneak peek of the show.

Mrr-wow! Many enjoy soaps and love PBS' "Downton Abbey," so "Royals" — E!'s first scripted show — seems like it can't miss. But real royal watchers may be disappointed if they think they're getting a true inside look at life at Buckingham Palace.

"There's little resemblance to Her Majesty Elizabeth II, Queen of England," said Hurley about her character. "But you never know. The beauty of this show is that we go behind closed doors."

The show will waste no time getting underway, kicking off just as the Prince of Wales has died. That puts his younger brother next in line for succession, a young man who has an American girlfriend whom mummy does not approve of.

Add in the casting of "Dynasty" legend Joan Collins as the Queen's own mum, and it's a package perfectly constructed for titillation and catfights galore. 

"You need to want to see drama and heightened stuff and a lot of glamour," said Hurley. "If that's your bag, you might get lucky."

"The Royals" premieres on E! in 2015.

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