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Early 'Idol' favorite has lengthy arrest record

Jan. 19, 2012 at 2:08 PM ET

"American Idol" hopeful Amy Brumfield has more than music in her past.

Amy Brumfield wowed "American Idol" judges on Wednesday night's season premiere with her powerhouse performance of Alicia Keys' "Superwoman." Now the "Idol" hopeful stands a chance to wow even more people with the unexpected news that's come out since her television singing debut.

On the show, in addition to showing off her Hollywood-worthy vocal abilities, Brumfield revealed that she's hit hard times.

"Well, we're kind of struggling -- major struggling," she confessed. "Can't afford a $100-a-week hotel room, you know. The only thing we can do is live in a tent in the woods … cooking soup over a fire pit."

But according to TMZ and a slew of police records the website uncovered, Brumfield has found plenty of other things to do in the past -- such as racking up six arrests over the last seven years.

The reasons for the arrests range from trespassing on private property to "extreme intoxication." TMZ reports that on one particularly booze-filled night in Tennessee, police claim Brumfield "was so drunk, she peed on herself in the lobby of a Baskin Robbins."

Not exactly behavior becoming an "Idol," but it still remains to be seen how far Brumfield makes in the competition.

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