Dude! 'Survivor' winner slams cops on his way out of jail

Jan. 20, 2011 at 11:14 AM ET

Judson Birza, better known as “Survivor” winner Fabio, has been released from jail following his Wednesday afternoon arrest in Santa Monica, and he isn’t keeping quiet about the his run-in with law enforcement.

“Dude! This is such bulls---,” Birza told TMZ. “Dude, we’re at Santa Monica Police Department and they f---ing sat us…dude, I sat at the bottom and got treated…dude, got treated like a baby!”

According to TMZ, Birza’s arrest-worthy offense involved suspicion of being under the influence of a controlled substance while skateboarding, but the reality TV champ's ramblings tell a different story.

“I was skateboarding and the f---ing cop thought that…I was cruising down the street and he thought that I…this lady honked at me and I just turned around and the light is red anyways, and he thought I flipped her off and gave me a stopping the flow of traffic ticket and a summons,” Birza explained. “I don’t even think it’s going to go through.”

Why not? The 21-year-old insists police were employing “sneaky manipulation” and “trying to make (him) feel all weird.”

Despite his brush with the law, Birza was thrilled to learn his mug shot was already online (“Was I smiling my ass off?!”) and actually jumped for joy when he discovered a friend sent a limo so he could leave jail in style.