Duchovny wants to believe in a third 'X-Files' film

Jan. 11, 2011 at 3:39 PM ET

Dan Kitwood / Getty Images /
David Duchovny is eager to get back into the role of Fox Mulder of "The X-Files."

After a successful nine-season run on Fox, one good movie and one not-so-great sequel, "The X-Files" should aim for the big screen again, according to star David Duchovny.

After all, he's "always game" to play FBI agent Fox Mulder again, he told Showbizspy.com. He also noted that co-star Gillian Anderson, who played Dana Scully, and creator Chris Carter are up for it. "We all, at this point, would love to work with one another again," the actor said.

"I think there's a lot left in the show, you know?" Duchovny told the site. "I think we can continue to make good movies."

Perhaps, but fans of the television series who saw July 2008's "I Want to Believe" may question that statement. The second film glossed over the extraterrestrial and paranormal goodies for a rather bland story involving a pedophile priest with psychic visions. But don't go blaming writers Carter and Frank Spotnitz for the movie's disappointing fan reaction and box-office numbers (it grossed $20.9 million, on a reported $30 million budget, according to IMDb.com). Duchovny thinks the fault lies with the small number on the check.

"It's just a matter of spending enough on a movie that can compete in the summer time," said Duchovny, who thinks "I Want to Believe" was overshadowed by other summer blockbusters.