Double take: Then-and-now photos of celebs who don't seem to age

It's a little spooky how some famous people never seem to age. Jennifer Aniston is 44, but she looks every bit as Rachel Green-fresh as she did 20 years ago hanging around Central Perk on "Friends." It might as well still be the 1990s for "Full House" stars Lori Loughlin and John Stamos. And if anything, "X Files" beauty Gillian Anderson has only gotten younger-looking. We want to believe, Agent Scully ... in the Fountain of Youth.

Stars who never seem to age

These famous faces may act, but they don't act their age. Take a look at then-and-now photos of celebrities who seem to have discovered the Fountain of Youth.

Our slideshow takes a look at a dozen famous faces who look as young today as they did in the days of landlines and dial-up Internet. We don't know their secrets -- whether it's wholesome living, cosmetic surgery, or an aging portrait in the attic -- but the results speak for themselves.


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