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Norman the Scooter Dog propels himself on a scooter. ERIK S. LESSER / EPA
Norman the Scooter Dog accomplished his Guinness World Record feat at a charity event in Marietta, Ga., in July.

Norman, a French sheepdog, cruised into the record books this week for being the fastest dog on a scooter. 

Also known as Norman the Scooter Dog, the pup was trained by his owner and is able to scoot on his own much like a human, with two paws on the handle bars, a back leg on the scooter and a hind paw pushing himself along. He scored the record for traveling 100 feet in just over 20 seconds.

Would your pet's talent give Norman a run for his money? We want to see those pets doing their thing, be it a cat riding a horse, a duck drinking out of a coffee cup or a line-dancing poodle. 

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