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'Do not like him!' Will Forte jokes about fellow 'SNL' alum Jimmy Fallon

Will Forte has graduated from his "Saturday Night Live" and "MacGruber" days into the world of serious dramatic acting, starring in the critically acclaimed "Nebraska" and the new film "Run & Jump." But that doesn't mean he can't wish his fellow former "SNL" alum well on their new ventures.

Or can he? When the topic of Jimmy Fallon, who's taking over "The Tonight Show" in February, came up during Forte's Wednesday morning visit to TODAY, the actor quipped, "Not buddies! Do not like him!"

And "SNL's" Weekend Update host Seth Meyers? "Even worse!" Forte joked. "No, they're wonderful. ... I'm excited for them."

As they no doubt are for him — and with good reason, as Forte just picked up a National Board of Review award for his work in "Nebraska." But Forte has other reasons for being thrilled his career has taken a turn from somewhat low-brow humor to award-winning independent drama.

"My parents have put up with a lot of stuff (from me)," he said. "They've actually lost friends from sending them to see some stuff that I've done like, 'MacGruber.' So we're kind of winning them back."

He's been stretching himself for roles such as in "Nebraska," but with "Run & Jump" Forte — who plays a psychologist who moves in with a family in Ireland to help them sort out their problems — said there was one hurdle he wouldn't scale. "I don't do an Irish accent," he admitted. "My Irish accent is just like the Lucky Charms guy."

But overall, things are going quite well for the actor, who is hitting a lot of high notes, and he knows it. "I would never have expected the last year of my life to happen," he said. "It came out of nowhere."

"Run & Jump" opens in theaters on Jan. 24.