'Divergent' author, star talk sweet marshmallows andnot-so-sweet character 

"Divergent" author Veronica Roth keeps her promises. She once told readers of her blog that when she found success and landed a book deal, she would jump into a pool of mini-marshmallows. And that's just what she did.

Well, close enough. In a video she shared on her blog, Roth actually decided to just hop into a bathtub of mini-marshmallows instead.

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'Divergent' star: 'I had my own cheerleading squad'

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"I always had a marshmallow thing," she chuckled during a visit to TODAY Thursday, the eve of the release of the movie version of "Divergent." "It's really just a joke that I promised on my blog, and then once, you know, the book deal happened, I had to follow through."

Only time will tell if "Divergent" finds success on the big screen too, but Roth's cautiously optimistic about the film's future. "I think it's looking really good, and I really love the movie," she said. Leaning on the arm of one of the film's stars, Ansel Elgort, she added, "And I think he likes the movie, too."

"I like it!" affirmed Elgort, who moviegoers will see in another upcoming teen audience-targeted film, "The Fault in Our Stars." But as he noted, his "Divergent" character Caleb is nothing like that other film's romantic lead.

"(Caleb) really goes (to) an interesting place, and he actually becomes sort of the antagonism story, which is interesting because you don't want to always want to play the same thing as an actor and to sort of be the villain sometimes is cool," said Elgort.

Hero or villain, however, Elgort already has his fans. The actor noted that recently while playing basketball, several young women tracked him down. "In Los Angeles I played on this sketchy court in Hollywood and somehow this youth group showed up and like 20 girls all knew who I was. But I had like my own cheerleading squad, which was kind of cool," he said.

"Divergent" opens in theaters on March 21.

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