'Diana' movie poster removed from spot near where princess died

Oct. 2, 2013 at 6:20 PM ET

Image: "Diana" movie poster
CHRISTOPHE KARABA / Christophe Karaba / EPA
A movie poster for "Diana" was removed from display near the Alma Bridge, where the princess died in 1997.

A poster advertising the new movie "Diana" has been removed after controversy erupted over its placement. The image, featuring actress Naomi Watts, was on display near the entrance to the metro tunnel in Paris where the Princess of Wales was killed in a car crash along with her boyfriend, Dodi Fayed, in 1997. 

"It was requested that the poster be removed Monday afternoon, and we received confirmation that it had been removed Monday evening," movie distributor Le Pacte told The Hollywood Reporter. According to the publication, Le Pacte had asked advertising corporation JCDecaux to take down the 4-by-6 foot poster.

Rosa Monckton, whom the Daily Mail identifies as one of Diana's "most trusted confidantes," called the placement of the ad for the movie "despicable."

"I cannot imagine that any company could stoop so low," she told the publication. 

The movie has received poor reviews. The Guardian said of the film, "This stodgy middle-of-the-road stiff is boringly ordinary and depressingly well behaved," and noted that the "pedigree cast fails to ignite a mediocre and ultimately pointless rehash of Diana's life."

The Mirror bashed the film as "cheap," and also criticized the performance by the Oscar-nominated Watts, saying, "Despite a peroxide hair job, she looks, sounds and acts nothing like the Princess of Wales. Wesley Snipes in a blonde wig would be more convincing."

In September, Watts ended a BBC interview early while promoting the film. 

"Diana" opens in the United States on Nov. 1.