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Dialysis, dolls, and disabled exes on 'Desperate Housewives'

Jan. 3, 2011 at 10:15 AM ET

DeAnn Welker writes: her

Keith: Actually, it's steer manure.

Orson: To each his own. Not one to be rolling around anywhere was Susan, stuck in the hospital with one crummy kidney. She tried to fight doctors' orders that she would need dialysis, and wanted to get by with herbal remedies despite Mike's protests. But when she tried to walk MJ to the cafeteria for ice cream and had a seizure, she changed her mind and brought in her girls to make sure they will help Mike with MJ should anything happen to her. They tearfully agreed. Oh, and the episode tried to trick us into thinking Mike shot Paul Young by having Felicia Tillman call him and call him a "naughty boy," but by the end he showed up to tell her he'd never do that and did NOT do that. So she's still wondering who did. As is Paul, who found out from the cops that Felicia's his mother-in-law. Uh-oh. Meanwhile, Gaby bought herself a fancy Grace stand-in doll to play house with after Juanita's therapist told them to get rid of all of Grace's photos and artwork. And Renee told Lynette about her one-night stand 20 years ago with Tom. Turns out it was after Tom and Lynette were engaged, but they were on a break or something. Lynette told Renee she hates her a lot, and then asked her not to tell Tom she knows. Because she wants to torture him, of course. This should be fun. DeAnn Welker is a writer and editor in Portland, Ore.