Demi Moore returns to public eye, seeks new Twitter handle

April 18, 2012 at 7:33 AM ET

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Demi Moore and Amanda de Cadenet make an April appearance in Beverly Hills.

Someone's got her groove back! Demi Moore made her Internet comeback on Monday when she tweeted a photo of herself (speaking of, the soon-to-be former @MrsKutcher is taking suggestions for a new Twitter handle).

But Tuesday evening, we saw the beautiful actress in the flesh as she made her first public appearance post-rehab.

So what swanky soiree brought her out?

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Moore stepped out Tuesday evening to support one of her best friends, Amanda de Cadenet.

The 49-year-old attended a special party held at a private residence in Beverly Hills to celebrate the launch of Amanda's TV show, "The Conversation," which Demi executive produces.

Cadenet spoke to E! News about her upcoming show, where she interviews some of Hollywood's biggest female names about womanhood, and mentioned that she wanted to work with her best friend for the series.

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"I'd been doing these interviews for about a year and Demi is one of my best girlfriends and a great sounding board for me," Amanda told us. "She's got 10 years on me, and so she is more ahead of me in the game of being a woman. She is an amazing resource for me, and so she has a vast life experience that I love to experience and to hear. And so I had been doing this for a year, and at a point that it became a reality and looked like it could actually go on TV, Demi said, 'Listen, Lifetime wants me to do something with them, but I want to do it with your thing. I really believe in what you are doing.'"

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How sweet is that?!

"It was amazing to go to work with someone that I am so close to," she continued. "It's really cool to be able to do that. She is really enjoying going behind the camera, she's a really good director.... She's not someone that's like, 'Oh I can't make that phone call.' If she's on she's on, she's in. She doesn't do things half-(expletive). It was great to have her involved."

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Demi checked out of Utah's Cirque Lodge in March after spending about a month at the treatment center. She checked in days following her brief hospitalization in L.A. after she suffered a seizure-like episode during a party at her Benedict Canyon-area home on Jan. 23.

-- Additional reporting by Alicia Quarles and Holly Passalaqua

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