'Deadliest Catch' crew could lose aman

The blue king crab season is coming to an end on the next episode of "The Deadliest Catch," and the event could mark the end of the line for one deck hand on The Northwestern.

A preview from Tuesday's night's episode reveals that just as Edgar Hansen closes his maiden voyage as captain, deck boss Jake Anderson considers leaving his band of brothers behind.

"Nobody got hurt," Hansen is seen boasting after the last of the crabs hit the deck. "We're still alive. Boat's still in one piece. We've got crab on the boat. That's pretty big."

Almost as big? The choice Anderson has to make.

"When I get home, I've got the biggest decision I'll ever make in my whole life," he tells the camera. "I can stay here and work with these guys, work on deck -- which I don't really like anymore."

Or he could jump ship -- literally -- to work on another boat.

Whatever he does, "it's going to make a lot of people unhappy," he adds.

See what lies ahead in this exclusive sneak peek:

"Deadliest Catch" airs May 28 at 9 p.m. on Discovery.

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