Mila Kunis

Curiosity drove deeply apologetic Hollywood hacker

Oct. 13, 2011 at 12:14 PM ET

The man accused of hacking into the email accounts of Scarlett Johansson, Mila Kunis and 48 others is speaking out and saying he's ready to face the consequences of what he did.

Christopher Cheney gave a quite candid interview to the local Fox station in Jacksonville, Fla., and said that "it started as curiosity and it turned to just being addicted to seeing behind the scenes of what was going on going on with the people you see on the big screen every day."

Cheney said in the interview that he wasn't out to blackmail anyone, and the voyeurism became such an addiction, he didn't know how to stop. "I was almost relieved when they came in and took the computer," he said. 

"I deeply apologize," said Chaney. "I know what I did was probably one of the worst invasions of privacy someone could experience. I'm not trying to escape what I did. It was wrong. And I have to just face that and go forward."

Cheney has been charged with 26 counts of identity theft, unauthorized access to a protected computer and wiretapping. If found guilty on all charges, he could face 121 years in prison.