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Court upholds C-Murder's murder conviction

A Louisiana appeals court this week upheld the 2009 murder conviction of rapper C-Murder, who is serving a life sentence for a nightclub killing.

C-Murder, 40, whose real name is Corey Miller, was sentenced two years ago for the 2002 killing of a 16-year-old fan at a nightclub in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana.

Miller appealed, saying he had been denied a fair trial because the judge had allowed prosecutors to share "prejudicial and unsubstantiated" testimony with the jurors, including claims that Miller had threatened witnesses in the case.

Miller also alleged that prosecutors "systematically eliminated black people from the jury" and that the judge should have declared a mistrial when the jury indicated at one point that it was could not reach a verdict.

The deadlock was eventually broken and 10 members of the 12-person jury convicted Miller of second degree murder.

On Wednesday, a three-judge appeals court panel upheld the conviction and Miller's life sentence.